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Milagros (Mili) Parra Castro

Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, I was born in a big family with many beautiful traditions.I have three wonderful children and four adorable grandchildren who have impacted my life tremendously. In 1989 we migrated to the States when my husband got transferred by his job.


As years passed by, I became more and more passionate about sharing our family history, its essence and traditions and to keep our roots alive for our children and grandchildren. Pictures became my passion and before I realized it, I became the family curator.


I learned how to restore, compose and alter photos to rescue and preserve them at their best. I also learned how to make digital photo books to tell the story of families or special events as well as slide shows to make beautiful projects for family gatherings and special occasions. Eventually, I decided to start my own company to help others to preserve their memories.


In 2010 I founded Pictures With Magic just to discover that people needed a lot of help finding and organizing their photos. In 2012, I attended a NAPO meeting where a photo organizer was presenting. That was a big AHA! moment for me. I became an active member of The Photo Managers (Association of Personal Photo Organizers APPO at the time) in 2012. By 2013 I got my APPO certification and renew it in 2020 as a Photo Manager.


My job is to help my clients to organize their photos and memorabilia stored in different places as shoe boxes, drawers,  albums, digital cameras, computers, phones, social media, etc.


I work very hard to always provide my customers with the best possible service and be sure to know, understand and treat their history as her own: with love and respect.


In 2018 I started feeling the need to have webinars, blogs and presentations in Spanish so I started working with colleagues translating their webinars and presentations. In 2019 I decided to write a book in Spanish and it was publish on September 2020 on Amazon: Una Foto... Y la vida resplandece de nuevo – Una sencilla manera de organizar y compartir tus fotos. (Available on Amazon. Click on image)


In September 2020 I participated on SYPM (Save Your Photos Month) with the first presentation in Spanish as part of this event.


 I offer my services in English and Spanish and I am proud to help my clients relive their memories with the magic of their photos.

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