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Organize Your Memories

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Your memories... They can be old printed photos given to you by your parents or relatives, stored in the garage or in the attic... They can be old films legacy of your old ancestors... They can be photos stored in your cameras or smartphones... They can be photos stored in your computers... They can be from your parents wedding... They can be from your son's graduation... So many photos, so many memories... WHAT TO DO WITH THEM?


As a Certified Member of The Photo Managers, we use their methodologies and techniques to ensure that your photos are neatly categorized, safe and accesible. Also,  since people like different approaches to the photo organization, we provide the following options for Printed & Digital Photos:


I Think I can. For those individuals that like to do things themselves, we provide with the training on how to organize photos using our techniques and methodologies. 


Be My Partner. For those individuals that would like to be involved in the whole organization process, we will work with them during the organization process. 


Its All Yours. For those busy individuals that do not have the time, we will organize their photos with minimal participation on their side. 

Digital Photos Organization Services

Your digital collection nowadays probably includes photos scattered between different devices and even in the cloud. With the use of smart phones as our primary camera, digital collections just keep growing by the minute. Some photos are invaluable memories and some others we just used them to illustrate something or share an idea or fact and have no value after we shared them. But there they are.

I can help you with:

  • Select which methodology to be used

  • Set up your computer environment

  • Create a core Folder structure for your collection

  • Find duplicates

  • Select photo management software 

  • Tag / Keyword photos

  • Backup procedure

Printed Photos Organization Services

Organizing a photo collection can be a daunting process. You can have thousand of scattered photos in your collection. Some albums can be falling apart and  your precious photos are stuck on them. You can have lots of duplicates, heritage photos or really good/bad photos. 

I can help you to sort, select, dismount, discard and organize to finally make sense of your precious collection. Your photos are a testimony of your life. Therefore, your collection of photos is unique and precious but more importantly, irreplaceable.


An assessment is performed as a first step for every project. 

Photo Organization & Photo Management services
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