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What to do with those boxes of old photos stored in the attic?


Some people like to organize them themselves, with some initial help, some like to do it with help during the whole process, and some people like to have somebody else to do it for them. Our Organize Your Memories service provides you with different alternatives on how to take care of those old photos. 

I have an old photo of my grandfather, he is in a group with some people I don't know. Is there a way to have a photo of just him?


This is a very common question, people want to remember that special relative. Our As Good As New service will restore your old photo, then, our All About Me  service will take away those people in the group, and if needed our Cosmetic Digital Surgery will make your grandfather look his best. 


I have a photo of me with my brothers including my ex. Is there a way to have the same picture without my ex?


There is always that photo where you say, I wish that person wasn't in the photo. We can make that happen with our All About Me service. 


There are several computers, several Tablets, several cameras, and several smartphones in my family. Everybody is taking pictures all the time. Is there an effective way to organize my family pictures?


People usually find themselves in this situation right after a big event, whether is a wedding, a birthday, a graduation. Our    Organize Your Memories service provides you with different alternatives on how to organize your family memories. 


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